Aug 27, 2014

Kerala Bhavan

Kerala Bhavan is the Indian restaurant which is in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

The nearest station is "Nerima"of Seibu ikebukuro Line/Toei Oedo Line.

It will take 6 minutes from Ikebukuro to Nerima station by seibu ikebukuro line, and 3- 5 minutes walk .

It will take 18minutes from Shinjuku to Nerima by Oedo line, and 3- 5 minutes walk.

From the Nerima station, take West exit and reqach Senkawa street.

Get in the street of Risona Bank. you will see the Kerala Bhavan on the left.

The link to this map is : (English)

The restaurant serves mainly the South Indian meal.

The price is reasonable and the taste is very good. You can select the spicy level for curry.

Owner, Mr. Koodathodi Chami is from Kerala, India.

              Mr. Koodathodi Chami

Kerala is placed in south India next to TAMILNADU and KARNATAKA.

Mr.Koodathodi Chami is one of the main characters in the cartoons/comics named

 "Indo na hibi (Days like India)" "Indo meoto jawan" by Rinko Nagami.

So he is very famous between Rinko's cartoon lovers.

Please watch the greeting from Mr.Koodathodi Chami

in Japanese, Malayalam (മലയാളം) and English.

Kerala Bhavan 's lunch menu starts from \700. (2014/Aug)

This is the C lunch. (2 curry, Malai Tilkka, rice and dessert.)

Their events, their closed date will be informed on their Facebook page.

Kerala Bhavan
5-31-4 Toyotamakita nerima-ku Tokyo
TEL : 03-3991-5218

Kerala Bhavan Facebook page: Kerala Bhavan Face book page
Kerala Bhavan original web:

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