Sep 7, 2014

Japanese Local train, Chichibu Tetsudo, in Saitama,Japan.

Chichibu Tetsudo (Chichibu Railway) is the one of the famous local train in Japan.

It is running from Hanyu from Mitsumine-guchi in Saitama, Japan.

Chichibu = Chichibu city

Tetsudo= Rail way

Chichibu Tetsudo HP:

(Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean is available with the pull down bar on the top right)

Saitama Prefecture (state) is next to Tokyo. 

Inside of the Chichibu Tetsudo is pretty old style. Sheets are light green.

I found the one person who is in a in a pilgrim's garb. White cloth, and bamboo woven hat.

The big stations are Hanyu, Gyodashi,  Kumagaya, Takekawa,Yorii, Nogami,Nagatoro,
 Chichibu, Ohanabatake,  Minano, Kagemori, Mitsumineguchi,
When you get off the train at Chichibu station, there are the circuit of holy temples.

The electrical money like Suika, Pasmo are not available.

There is ticket called "Chichibu ji Yu Yu Free kipp". (1,440 yen for adults in 8/13/2014)

If you are planning to get on and off many times in a day between Hanyu and

This ticket is usefull. In Japan, this kind of tickets are called "Free kipp"

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