Aug 13, 2014

Mitsumine Jinja

Mitsumine Jinja (Mitsumine Shrine) is the big shrine in Chichibu, Saitama, Japan.
One of the famous strong power spot in kanto area.

Mitsumine Jinja has 3 faced gate called "mitsu-domoe- torii" which is very rare.

It is very far from Tokyo. 

At first, go to Ikebukuro and take the RED ARROW super express to reach Chichibu.

Then you need to take  the express bus. They are not lots of buses, the earliest bus departures 9:10 am from the Chichibu station. It will take around 1 and a half hours.

                         This is the time table of the express bus (2014/8-)
 This bus may not run during sometime, so please make sure before you go

 Usually, jinjas are protected by guardian dogs. 
Mitumine Jinja is protected by wolves.

Mitsumine jinja is established in the mountain, 
so it takes 20 minutes walk from the parking. 

The inner sanctuary is behind the building which is not opened to the public.

 This is called "o-mamori". It is a kind of charm.
Omamories are sold in many shrines and temples.

This Omamori of Mitsumine jinja has the piece of the sacred tree.

Omamori is in this paper bag when you buy it.

 There is a souvenir shop on a way to go to the shrine.

Mitsumine Jinja (Mitsumine Shrine)
298-1 Mitsumine Chichibu Saitama Japan
TEL 0494-55-0241 FAX 0494-55-0328


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