Oct 18, 2011

Japan = Tall Buildings

Is that true? 
Well , in the big city, it is true.

This photo is Tokyo, Shinjyuku City.
Shinjyuku- is one of the down towns on the Yamanote-line.

This is 29th floor of my office. 

Is the tall buildings safe for earth quake?

Well, many of those buildings are built with earthquake ploof.....means,

It will shake and take a balance. The lower half floors shakes a little, 
and higher half floors will shake more than that to spread the shakes.

But none of these have any gallantry that you are safe.

when 3.11 earthquake occured, I was on this 29th floor.

My floor shaken like movie.

This is the first time that I felt my life in danger.

Even the heavy lockers are moved from right to left.

I felt fear if the floor breaks down and we fell down to the down stairs.

At this time, my life was saved. But next time, we never know. 

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