Oct 19, 2011

Italian resutaurant Capricciosa

This is the Italian restaurant Capricciosa. They have many branches in Tokyo area.Their popular menus are spaghetti, pizza, rice korokke. The best point of this restaurant is "reasonable for more than 2 people" Around 1,700yen for 2-3 people's amount.
Today I ordered 950yen lunch set for one person.
I went there in lunch time. The lunch special menu is like this

The green one says, "light-lunch set" which includes original bread, fresh salad, one spaghetti or Gratan by your choice, and drink.

The pink one says , "satisfied-lunch set" which includes original bread, fresh salad, one spaghetti or gratan by your choice, dessert , and drink.

Original bread, salad, drink are buffet style during the lunch time. There are the bread with pizza sauce, cinnamon sugar bread, and mini pizza. And they have soups also.

This is the Tomato and Garlic Spaghetti I ordered. This is not a large amount one as I have eaten before. Taste is very good.
I ordered Pumpkin pie. The white cream is not a whip cream , it is white part of the egg.
It is not really sweet. The cake behind is the chocolate one. It is sweet.
This is very nice for 950yen. 
 At the end of the menu, it is the list of the contains which could be a cause of allergies (like egg, milk and so on.)

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