Oct 17, 2011

What is this blue soft creeeeeeeam !! This is a RAMUNE MIX!

Ramune and Vanilla.Ohhh golden combination!!

What is RAMUNE?  RAMUNE is a JAPANESE Juice. It's like a soda.

HMMMMM..........This is it!

The biggest point of Ramune Bottle is......it has a glass ball inside. 
When you open Ramune, the ball is right under the top. You will push it down with 
Ramune cap and immediately drink. Because Ramune will be over flown.
The taste is like a sweet Sprite.

You can drink Ramune in Summer only
Probably, RAMUNE MIX Soft cream is also.
Why? I don't know. Ramune is the Summer drink in Japan.
If you are lucky, you can find Ramine Mix somewhere.

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