Apr 13, 2012

Setagaya Line

This is Setagaya Line by Tokyu.

The Setagaya line passing through Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

When I was an elementary student, I used this train a lot.

There are only 2 carts, very small train. This train used to be green color.

The old green one is displayed at Shibuya station.

The biggest feature of this train is fixed fee.

Nowadays it is 140 yen. You can go anywhere with 140 yen.

Setagaya Line runs between Sangen-jaya station and Shimo-takaido staion.

This photo above is Sangenjaya station. Sangen-jaya is near by Shibuya.

By subway, only 2 stations from Shibuya Station.

Setagaya Line accepts Suica and also has original pass.

Drop coins at the clear box. If you need change, drop coins from silver hole.
If you have a suica, put suica on the blue corner.

This one is the machine for original pass "Seta Maru".

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