Apr 12, 2012


Sen-betsu .....is the goodbye gift in Japan.

Many of the times, it is money. And also, it could be anything.

Few days ago, I had my last day of  work.

A gentleman looked at me and pointed the white plastic bag on his desk.

He said, "Senbetsu".

I knew that, inside is the Japanese sweets.

I said, "That's all?"

Of course, I was kidding.

 but he said, "Then , have this one also"

...it was  a pack of coffee. This is the same one which he is drinking everyday.

I said "Thank you....always....." in my mind.

After I reached my place, I opened the "Real Senbetsu".....the white plastic bag.

Jepanese sweets....but it was the quite different one from that he gave me before.

Each one was wrapped to avoid mixture. It was a real gift.

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