Jan 22, 2012


In Japan, people send "a happy new year cards" .

This cards are called Nengajo.

Nenga=New year Jo=cards, letters.

People post these Nengajos on December. Post offices divide into areas, then keep them till the New Year's day.

The ideal posting date is announced on TV commercials.

For 2012, the post office
announced to post by December 25th to be delivered on January 1st.

There are many kinds of Nengajos like above, we follow Chinese Zodiac.

So, 2012 is the Dragon year.

It is a taboo to send cards to the family who has lost somebody in 2011.
If somobody died, the rest of the family members send card to friend and relatives that they
will not celebrate the new year. At that case, we don't send Nengajo to them.

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  1. It't wonderful culture!!
    differ from a Christmas card・・。

  2. Necomama, thank you so much. Yes, it is different. For Christmas cards, people send them on any day before the Christmas, then it would be delivered as soon as post office accepted them.


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