Jan 21, 2012


Good evening , everybody, and be late of a Happy New Year!

I appreciate your visiting ! I hope more people will visit this site in 2010 ♪

In Japan, New Year's week is, most important time in a year. The week starts from January1st and it ends at 7th.

Many people's job/school ends on Dec.28th, then start on January 4th.

The photo above is the Sensoji-temple, Asakusa, Tokyo.

This is 3am on January 1st of 2012.

Many people go to shrines/temples to play for the coming year's happiness
......This is called Hatsumoude.  Hatsu=1st time  Moude=visiting.

Usually, people try to reach those temples before 12:00am of January 1st to celeblate.

Yes.....I was a bit late.....but still million people were there!!

So, if you visit Japan on the end/beginning of the year, please do,  Hatsumoude!!

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