Nov 12, 2011

Yamanote Line

As I wrote on the another article, there is the most famous train in Tokyo. It is Yamanote line. Today, I got on Yamanote line.

 The light green line on the silver body is the Yamanote line.

Inside, you will see the monitor,
it will show you the name of next stop, and time for the destinations.

The monitor turns into English in every few seconds.

In Japan, usually train comes on time.

Also , small delay occurs very often specially morning hours.

They are usually not machine troubles, many of the cases are climate issue,

people got into the train section, big stone/trees distracted train's way and so on.

Each train cart has priority seat for olders, pregnant ladies and disables. Around these priority seats, you should turn off the cell phone. In other area, make the cell phone to silent mode, just use it for e-mail or browsing internets.
No talks are reccomended.

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