Nov 14, 2011

Japanese national soccer team arrived N.Korea

Japanese national soccer team - Pyongyang - Japan has 14 representatives covering the World Cup (Cup W) three Asian competitions in Brazil
In order to play against DPR Korea on November 15th  in Group C Qualifying Round 5, the international availability of land Pyongyang from Beijing on a chartered plane Camp
Arrived at the port.
Twenty-three players, as well as representatives from the staff director Alberto Zakkeroni,Junji Ogura of Japan Football Association
Pyongyang was also chairman.
The full representatives in Pyongyang game in 22 years since the Italian Cup Qualifyingtournament in Asia 1 W in June 1989. The team
Upon arrival, the official training conducted by Kim Il Sung Stadium and artificial turfstadium, the press conference the director Zakkeroni
The Japanese government on issues such as missile has been asked to refrain fromtraveling to North Korea, this time on an exemption
Players, supporters tolerate from Pyongyang. Tours to North Korea to be official supporters.
( by Newsletter on Yahoo Japan).

The surprising part is, the pictures which have been taken in Japan are prohibited to bring into 
North Korea. Pictures of foreign country →advanced culture →fun→X
The government of North Korea doesn't want North Koreans seeing  the culture from overseas.
I feel very sorry to hear this. People are not allowed to know anything from outside?
Do they have to do this forever?

On tomorrows game between Japan and North Korea, there will be only 150 Japanese supporters at the stadium which has more than 70.000 seats.

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