Nov 3, 2011


I bought Tai-yaki today. I introduced Tai-yaki shaped pocket warmer recently, you may have wondered what is "Tai-yaki".

Tai=a sea bream. Yaki=grilled
So, Tai-yaki is a fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam!

 This photo is Kuriko-an Tai-yaki shop. Nowadays, inside of the Tai-yaki has many kinds.
Red bean jam, cream, cream cheese, sesame, and so on.

 At most of the Tai-yaki shop has this kind of window. You can see how they make Tai-Yaki.
Are you vegetarian? The pan cake part is made of flour, milk, and eggs. You can eat this unless you are a vegan.

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  1. I like Tai-Yaki.
    Particularly, I like fried Tai-Yaki.

  2. F..Flried Tai-Yaki? I have never tried it!
    Where can I taste it?Sounds very interesting.


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