Oct 31, 2011

Japanese pocket warmer

Kairo or Hokkairo=カイロor ホッカイロ= Pocket warmer.
I found this Eco Kairo at Tokyu Hands Store in Kita-senju, Tokyo, Japan.
In Japan, kairos are winter items. Most of the kairo are paper covered, but this is covered by special prastic.

This is "Pizza Hot"

This is canned coffees

Canned shape Eco Kairo

This is " Tai-Yaki" shape Eco kairo 

Once you opened kairos from the box, see the back side. There is the circle shape metal inside.
You hold that till it makes "Paki" sound. The liquid will become white, and it will warm up.
(I' m using pizza one)

When you are done to use it, boil it for 3 minutes. (This is the back side of Tai-Yaki Kairo)

When the liquid turned back to clear, take it out from the pan.

Wash it with the cold water till it cool down.  Now, you are ready to use it again.

I bought it from Tokyo Hands, Kita senju.

You can also buy it from these shops below.

★Canned coffee shape Kairo★
★Tai-Yaki Shape kairo★
★Pizza kairo★

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