May 3, 2013

Tokyo Medical and Dental university and hospital.

Can you see the cream colored big building?

It is the 
Tokyo Medical and Dental University and hospital.
(Tokyo Ika Shika Daigaku Byoin)

In Japan, medical universities have hospital. When the student graduate, some of top student can

stay their hospital. Others go to work at another hospital.

This hospital is very big, so it's better for you to have introduction letter from the doctor where is close to your house. This hospital is near by the Ochanomizu station by JR or, Shin-Ochanomizu station by Tokyo metro. Only few minutes from each stations.

This is the closer picture of the hospital. The white car is the Japanese ambulance.

The hospital is divided into 2 buildings for medical and Dental.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University HP

Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital ,Medical section

Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, Dental section

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