Apr 26, 2013

Tori Gobo Gohan

This is one of my favorite instant fried rice, Tori Gobo Gohan.



 Gobo=a burdock


 In Japan, fried rice is very popular and people cooks very often.

 I recommend you to use this when you are tired.

 Because, even rice is included in this package.

If you really want home made cooking, you better to use this one.

The package is so colorful. The back side says how to cook with microwave,
 and how to cook with frying pan

 Then, it also mention about the source of allergies.looks like this one contains milk and wheat.

 It has a present campaigns.

Now, how to cook. heat the pan
 Use a small amount of oil.


 Put everything (or the quantity you want) to the pan.

 cook 6 to 7 minutes as indicated.



 Ready to eat


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