Apr 25, 2013

QR code

When you visit Japan, sometimes you can see this square on the items.

It is called "QR code". It's a window for some information.
When you can read it with Japanese cell phones,  It takes you to their info page.

Sometimes it's an internet HP, sometimes it's a model number of the items.
QR code is made for the customers, so if you found this, let's read!

So, if you have Japanese cell phones, go to photo then select the bar-code reader.

Then the frame appears. Move the frame on the QR code.

Now I got their HP address.

If you are using smart phones, you need to download the app.

Search as "QR code rader"

These are some app. for i phone.

I picked the second one from the right, this QR code reader is called "address exchange"

after the downloading, start the application.

                                       Tap the top one for "Read QR code"

Now it's asking the way of reading, tap the camera (auto catch)

 Then, move your phone onto the QR code. Try to catch the square.

 Now it caught the HP address.There are English Version of the QR code reader, too.

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