Apr 14, 2013

Koala's march

Koala's march is one of the most popular snacks in Japan.

The regular version of Koala's march has chocolate inside but this one is the special version,

"Koala's march with strawberry milk chocolate".

When you open the box, there is the complicated square mark comes out.
this mark called "QR code".

When you take a photo with Japanese cell phones (smart phones needs to download the appli),
it automatically connects into the website. Usually website is the information about the products.

Usually, snacks are in the aluminium bag when you open the paper box. This is very clean and safe to eat.

Wow, on the bottom of the box has a picture, too. This one says, "Servant Koala, and your fortune telling of love is 2 stars. ....memo..... I like the sweets so much! I want to eat his cake!!"

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