Apr 3, 2012

Dougo Onsen X the Movie "Spirited Away"

Ticket has been dedicated by Mr. Anpanman

This is the Ticket for Dogo Spa at Dogo Yunocho, Ehime, Japan.

Ehime prefecture is placed at Shikoku (West) area in Japan.

People usually call this place as "Dogo Onsen".

Onsen=Hot Springs.

This Dougo Onsen has 4 areas. Each of them has specific name and the fee is also depending on
the area.

Spirit =[3rd floor individual]1,500yen
          [2nd floor]1,200yen

God =[2nd floor]800yen
        [down stair]400yen

New palace=250yen


On the back side, there are the history of Dogo Onsen.

Dougo Onsen HP ⇛http://www.dogo.or.jp/pc/top.htm

Do go onsen is one of the model scene of the movie "Spirited Away" by Hayao Miyazaki.

My_Desktop_Now / Kage Tora

In the movie,

A little Japanese girl Chihiro works at the big hot spring place to save her parents

out from the lady Yu-ba-ba. As long as she works there, she is keep forgetting about her human
life day by day.

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