Oct 22, 2011

Japanese Trains are very clean, you can see no drawings from anybody. 
Can you see the clover mark on the left of the door?

This section is called "Green Car". It's a premium seat, like a business class. If you can pay extra, you can sit down the nicer sheet. This is good for the people who lives far. 
So, wait at this mark. 
It's better that you purchase the "Green Car" ticket at the station somewhere.
Because the price would be different when you buy it in the train.

 I found this Green Car ticket machine for Suica card user. You can also buy green car ticket at Midori-no madoguchi「みどりの窓口」

After you bought a Green Car ticket, wait at this mark. This says , car no.5 is the Green car. Usually train has 10 to 15 cars. One or two of them is Green Car.
  This is , inside of the JR Joban- Line. (not a Green car section). Some part of the seat is
for older, pregnant lady, and injured, disable people's seat.

In the Tran, Sell-phone users are not appreciated. So if you got on the train in Japan, No talk on your cell phone. Just make it silent.

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